With Corey as Chairman, during the last four years, Prince William County has enjoyed an economic boom. The county has benefitted from more than $3 billion in private investment. Companies investing in Prince William County credit the county’s…

  • Low tax rates, as a result of stable budgets and cuts in wasteful spending
  • Commitment to infrastructure investment, like schools and roads
  • Ease of doing business and a reasonable permitting process

One of Corey’s first major initiatives as Chairman was reforming those permitting processes and making Prince William County a place that welcomes business, and the jobs that business creates.

The reforms that Corey’s led have produced results:

Median household income has risen more in Prince William County than anywhere else in Northern Virginia. Prince William County is among the top 10 wealthiest localities in the nation with a median household income of over $95,000.

Nearly 2000 jobs have been added just in high paying sectors, including: life sciences, logistics, IT and government contracting. Both CNN/Money and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have recognized Prince William County as a Top-10 job growth jurisdiction in the United States.