Fiscal Responsibility

As Chairman of the Prince William County Board Supervisors, Corey is committed to the kind of fiscal responsibility that taxpayers deserve.

Cut Wasteful Spending

Corey was first elected Chairman during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Under his leadership the Board of Supervisors had to make many difficult decisions to respond to the bad economy. $143 million in spending had to be cut from the county budget, producing the largest tax cut in the history of Prince William County.

Lower Taxes

Today, average tax bills in PWC remain the lowest in Northern Virginia, a whopping 30% below neighboring Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. In real dollars, average tax bills in PWC are about $161 less today than they were eight years ago.

Stable Budgeting

Too many government budgets are based on the automatic assumption of spending more than the year before. Corey led the way in establishing a zero-based budget, forcing departments to make careful spending decisions each year, to look for savings, and to work for efficiency. Zero-based budgeting has produced $30 million in annual savings for Prince William County taxpayers.

Fiscal discipline under Corey’s leadership has been instrumental in the county receiving a Triple-A bond rating from all three major bond ratings agencies. Less than half of one percent of all localities across the entire nation achieve an AAA rating. And that rating has meant savings for Prince William County on capital improvement projects like new roads and schools.